History of Institute

JSC «O’ZLITINEFTGAZ» – a major center, bringing together high scientific and technical potential and wide experience of scientists and specialists of the former research and design organizations, “SredAzNIIgaz”, “SredAzNIPIneft”, “Uzgiprogaz”, “VNIIpromgaz”, “Neftegazstroyproekt” and DMERGA of “Uzbekneftegazgeologiya”

Biography of JSC «O’ZLITINEFTGAZ» organically connected with the historical development of oil and gas mining of Central Asia. Its workforce contributed to the mining and exploration material resources – the national wealth of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

JSC «O’ZLITINEFTGAZ» took part in the production of the following projects:

  • construction of gas-condensate fields Alan, South Tandyrcha, Dengizkul – Hauzak, North Pamuk, New Alan Shoda, Berdakh, deposits Dayahatin group;
  • construction of underground gas storage “Mali – Su”, “Poltaratskoe”, “Hodzhaabad”;
  • construction of oil and gas field Kokdumalak;
  • construction of main gas pipelines “Gazly – Shymkent”, “Mubarak – Kagan» – II line, “Gazly – Nukus”, “Mubarak – Yangiyer”, “Pakhtakor – Yangiyer”, “Yangiyer – Tashkent”, “Shurtan – Sherabad”;
  •  Construction BCS in the field Shurtan;
  • Construction Novokokand, Pap and Angren tank farms;
  • construction of Bukhara Oil Refinery and Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex;
  • construction installation of gas condensate stabilization in the GCF Kokdumalak.

In 1997-2013 years performed research and development projects:

  • with JSC “VNIPIneft” (Russia) have been considered material “Basic Design of construction Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex”;
  • adjusted for the Republic of Tajikistan “Working project for the Development of GCF-Hodge Sartez”;
  • for LLC “VNIIGAZ” (Russia) developed project documentation “Installation and granulation sulfur production at Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex”;
  • for «Tukha» (China) made the investment project “The increase in oil production at the fields Gazly and Cruuk”;
  • for the company “Itera” (Cyprus) made the collection and processing of data for forming the “TES Kondym group of fields”;
  • for the company “Itera” (British Virgin Islands) developed a feasibility study “the feasibility study of construction BCS Gazly”;
  • for the company “Yukos” (Russia) examined the technical condition of the Uzbek section of the pipeline “Pavlodar-Chimkent-Seydi”;
  • for “Edison United Corp.” (Switzerland) made economic calculations of investment project put into commercial operation Dayakhatin group of fields and geological exploration;
  • for “Berlanga Holding” (Holland) amended the feasibility study of the investment project put into commercial operation fields North. Nishan, Beshkent, Kamashi;
  • Company “UzPEK Limited” (UK) has developed standards for technological losses of oil by company for 2003 .;
  • for “Industries Holding Limited” (Switzerland) made technical and economic calculations of the project of liquefied gas for USE “Shurtanneftegaz” and given the technical and commercial proposals for the production of liquefied gas resource base oil-gas condensate field Kokdumalak;
  • for “UzbekGaz Production Company Limited” (British Virgin Islands) feasibility study of investment in exploration and exploitation Hauzak and Kandim groups of fields on PSA terms; for JSC “Zarubezhneftegaz” (Russia) feasibility study of investments redevelopment Shakhpakhta field on PSA terms, with followed by the creation of underground storage facilities;
  • for “UzbekGaz Production Company Limited” compiled feasibility study of Khauzak-Shadiy and Kandym group;
  • for RJSC “Gazprom” drafted the project of redevelopment Shakhpakhta field and feasibility study of Ustyurt fields;
  • for OJSC “LUKOIL” made up of a working project for the construction of vertical, directional, deviated with a horizontal barrel, directional horizontal end and tight production wellbore to participate Khauzak – Shadi Dengizkul field;
  • for LLC “VNIIGAZ” (Russia), “Preparation of the initial geological and field information and scientific information provision of basic technical solutions for the project of complex development of gas condensate fields Adamtash, Dzharkuduk-Yangi Kizilcha and Gumbulak group.”;
  •  for «PETROCHINA PLANNING & ENGINEERING INSITUTE» (China) pre-feasibility study and feasibility study on the project “Construction of the pipeline Uzbekistan-China (Uzbek site)”;
  • for LLP «Caspian Contractors Trust» (Kazakhstan): “Improvement of the system of training in the field of gas Amangeldy.”
  • for «PETRONAS CARIGAN OVERSEAS SDN.VND” (Malaysia): “Feasibility Study for the development of deposits of Boysun investment block on PSA terms.”;
  • for “The Korean National Oil Corporation” (Korea), “Preparation of technical and economic basis for assessing the investment attractiveness of the development of promising areas of the Fergana region of Uzbekistan.”;
  •  for LLC OK “Zarubezhneftegaz-GPD Central Asia”, “Development of specifications for the supply of gas in gas pipeline branches ” Shakhpakhti-CS Karakalpak. “;
  • for JV «Uz-KorGasChemical»: Survey work under the working documentation on the project: “Integrated field development Surgil the extraction of valuable components (Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex).”;
  • for USE “Ustyurtgaz”: Correctives of the project pilot development of gas condensate field Surgil-North Aral Sea;
  • for “Uztyazhneftegazhimproekt”: Status and prospects of the development of open and prepared for development of natural gas fields of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Additional infrastructure development of the field Zevarda with the construction of BCS-feasibility study, ED;
  • Site arrangements Shadi-Dengizkul fields;
  • construction of gas pipeline Uzbekistan-China (Uzbek section);
  • additional infrastructure development fields Samantepa and South Urtabulak with the construction of gas pipeline “South Urtabulak”;
  • booster station at the site Hauzak;
  • Surgil field development. 2 starting complex;
  • pipeline construction Gazly-Nukus-DN 1220mm length of 250km;
  • complex construction of gas fields Gazli region;
  • construction of propane-butane mixture (IPBM) on USE “Shurtanneftegaz” (all 5-6);
  • Chulkuvar field development;
  • booster station at the site Hauzak;
  • construction of a plant for the production of electronic gas meters in the Free Industrial Economic Zone “Navoi”;
  • utilization of associated gas at fields in North Shurtan, Garmiston, Kumchuk, Shakarbulak and headworks;
  • complex construction of gas fields Gazli region;
  • South Kemachi additional infrastructure development field;
  • construction of a gas chemical complex on the basis of “Mubarek Gas Processing Plant”:
  • utilization of low-pressure gas field Southern Kemachi, Crook, Crook West, North Urtabulak and Umid;
  • mining hydrocarbons and production of in the Urga, and Kuanysh Akchalak group of Ustyurt region under the terms of the PSA;
  • East  Berdakh additional infrastructure development field with the construction of BCS;
  • UGSF Gazly additional infrastructure development to increase the gas volume to 6.0 billion m3;
  • hydroforming lube based on Fergana ORP;
  • Alan additional infrastructure development field with the construction of a booster compressor station BCS;
  • construction of a third gas pipeline Uzbekistan-China (uzbek site);
  • additional infrastructure development field Samantepe and South Urtabulak with the construction of the gas pipeline South BCS and Urtabulak – Mubarek GPP;
  • construction of a booster compressor station Gazly replace the existing booster compressor station -1,2,3,4;
  • the payment of retired capacities to “USE Mubarek Gas Processing Plant” desulfurization units №16,17 and 18;
  •  provision of management system and technological communication by gas transmission system (SCADA).

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