JSC «O’ZLITINEFTGAZ» – a major center, bringing together high scientific and technical potential and wide experience of scientists and specialists of the former research and design organizations, “SredazNIIgaz”, “SredazNIPIneft”, “Uzgiprogaz”, “VNIIpromgaz”, “Neftegazstroyproekt” and EMEPGA of “Uzbekneftegazgeologiya”
Biography of JSC «O’ZLITINEFTGAZ» is organically connected with the historical development of oil and gas production of Central Asia. Its workforce contributed to the production and development of natural material resources – the national wealth of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
JSC «O’ZLITINEFTGAZ» took part in the production of the following projects:
construction of gas-condensate fields of Alan, South Tandyrcha, Dengizkul – Hauzak, North Pamuk, New Alan, Shoda, Berdakh, Dayahatin group of fields;
construction of underground gas storage “Mayli – Su”, “Poltaratskoe”, “Hodjaabad”;
construction of oil and gas field Kokdumalak;
construction of main gas pipelines “Gazly – Shymkent”, “Mubarak – Kagan» – II processing line, “Gazly – Nukus”, “Mubarak – Yangiyer”, “Pakhtakor – Yangiyer”, “Yangiyer – Tashkent”, “Shurtan – Sherabad”;
construction of BCS in Shurtan field;
construction of Novokokand, Pap and Angren tank farms;
construction of Bukhara Oil Refinery and Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex;
construction of gas condensate stabilization installation at GCF Kokdumalak.
During 1997-2017 years performed research and scientific-technical developments:
with JSC “VNIPIneft” (Russia) have been considered materials “Basic Design of Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex construction”;
for the Republic of Tajikistan adjusted “Working project for the Development of GCF-Hodge Sartez”
for “VNIIGAZ”,LLC (Russia) developed project documentation “Installation of sulfur granulation production at Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex”.
for the company «Tukha» (China) made the investment project “The increase in oil production at the Gazly and Crook fields”;
for the company “Itera” (Cyprus) made the collection and processing of data for working out the FS of Kandym group of fields”;
for the company “Itera” (British Virgin Islands) developed FS “the Feasibility Study for construction Gazly BCS”;
for the company “Yukos” (Russia) examined the technical condition of the Uzbek section of the oil pipeline “Pavlodar – Chimkent-Seydi”;
for “Edison United Corp.” (Switzerland) made economic calculations of investment project commissioning of Dayakhatin group of fields and conducting geological exploration;
for “Berlanga Holding” (Holland) feasibility study of the investment project of commissioning of North, Nishan, Beshkent, Kamashi fields is adjusted;
for Company “UzPEK Limited” (UK) developed standards for technological oil losses by company for 2003;
for company “Industries Holding Limited” (Switzerland) made technical and economic calculations of the project implementation of liquefied gas production for USE “Shurtanneftegaz” and given the technical and commercial proposals for liquefied gas production on the resource base of Oil-Gas Condensate Kokdumalak field;
for company “UzbekGaz Production Company Limited” (British Virgin Islands) developed feasibility study of investments in exploration and exploitation of the Hauzak and Kandym groups of fields on PSA terms;
for CJSC “Zarubezhneftegaz”(Russia) developed feasibility study of investments of redevelopment the Shakhpakhty field with followed by the creation of underground storage facility;
for “UzbekGazProduction Company Limited” feasibility study of development of Khauzak-Shady and Kandym group of fields;
for PJSC “Gazprom” the project of redevelopment Shakhpakhty field was drawn up and feasibility study of development Ustyurt region.
for OJSC “LUKOIL” a working project is made up for the construction of vertical, directional, deviated with a horizontal barrel end, directional horizontal end and tight barrel of production wells to participate Khauzak– Shady of the Dengizkul fields;