Head of the Center for innovation “Uzbekneftegaz” – Yuldashev Narbekov Hudoynazarovich

Need NHC Uzbekneftegaz in the years 2016-2017 .. (Rar 2316 Kb)(RUS)

Center of innovation “Uzbekneftegaz” is an independent division of the Uzbek Scientific Research and Design Institute of Oil and Gas Industry (JSC



The center is formed by the order of JSC «O’ZLITINEFTGAZ» from 27.10.2009, the number 100 in accordance with the decision of the Board of the National Holding Company “Uzbekneftegaz” from 14.09.2009 № 53 “On measures to create innovation in the industry,” pursuant to Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 15, 2008 PP-916 “On additional measures to stimulate innovative projects and technologies in production”, which is aimed at creating effective mechanisms to stimulate the development and implementation processes of modernization, technical and technological renovation of production research craft and folk studies and innovative developments for a closer link between science and production. and protocol decisions of the Coordinating Working Group on the Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects on 9 April 2009 and 13 August 2009, as well as the implementation of agreements concluded at the annual innovation fairs.


Goals and objectives

The main purpose of the Center is a comprehensive solution of the problem of creation, development, and stable operation of the effective use of innovative potential of NHC “Uzbekneftegaz”, produced by development organizations of the Republic.


The main objectives of the Center are:

– Assistance to organizations – the developers of introduction of scientific and technical developments and innovative ideas and projects;

– Assistance in increasing the efficiency of invention and innovation.


Options Center

– The formation of an industry monitoring system of creating scientific and technical products and the introduction of scientific and technical developments, innovative ideas and projects development organizations;

– Development of industrial methodological, regulatory, and guidelines governing the development of scientific and technological progress and innovation;

– A portfolio of orders for the domestic applied research and development, as well as their placement;

– Identification of domestic and foreign developments in advanced equipment and technology to the formation of the annual and medium-term programs for their implementation in production;

– Transfer of best domestic and foreign innovation in the practice of the industry;

– Formation of updated database of innovative ideas, technologies and projects used by the oil and gas industry;

– The introduction, the results of applied research and development in the practice of the industry;

– Analysis of the implementation process of the introduction of innovative products and technologies in production (from the design idea to practical implementation).

– Coordination and guidance in the field of innovation in the industry, including the participation in the annual Republican and industry fairs of innovative ideas, technologies and projects.

– Classification and monitoring of implementation of the “plan for the implementation of new technology”, as well as monitoring the progress of the implementation of agreements and protocols of intentions concluded at the national and industrial exposition of innovative ideas, technologies and projects in general upon the NHC “Uzbekneftegaz”.

– Systematization and representation in the Department of NHC “Uzbekneftegaz” Summary of innovation activities of enterprises and companies in the industry, requested the Cabinet of Ministers, the Committee for Coordination of Science and Technology Development under the Cabinet of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Economy of Uzbekistan and other parent organizations.

– Systematization and analysis of information on the establishment of scientific and technical production and implementation of research and development (achievements) in NHC “Uzbekneftegaz”, the state of invention and rationalization, provided by companies in the sector and development organizations.

– The formation of three updated databases to develop and implement innovative and scientific and technological development, inventions in joint stock companies.

– Preparation for the Department of NHC “Uzbekneftegaz” proposals to improve the efficiency of creating scientific and technical products and the introduction of scientific and technological achievements.


Center for Innovation has been developed and put into effect April 1, 2011

Guidance document RH 39.0-039: 2010 “Regulations on innovation”

The Regulation lists the highlights of prioritizing the development of scientific and technical progress, the formation of science and technology policy and the organization of innovative activities and the basic requirements to be considered customers (companies and enterprises industry) and performers (development organizations) during the Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects to create innovative scientific and technical products and the implementation of its results in production.

This document sets out the general requirements for the organization of innovation.

The document is intended for all joint stock companies, enterprises and organizations involved in the innovation system NHC “Uzbekneftegaz”.


Contact Information:

“Center of innovation” Uzbekneftegaz “(100029, Uzbekistan, Tashkent, st. Shevchenko, 2. Phone: tel .: 280-67-31, fax: 280-67-31, e-mail: centerid@liting.uz).