Scientific direction performs the following research projects and technological services:

forecasting levels of oil, gas and condensate fields, businesses and industry as a whole in the coming period;

Design of Oil, Gas and Oil and Gas-condensate fields and underground gas storage facilities with the use of three-dimensional modeling of hydrocarbon reservoirs;

ensuring effective development and exploitation of oil and gas deposits, including deposits with abnormally high reservoir pressures, with hard recoverable reserves in difficult geological conditions, depleted fields;

assessment of current and residual hydrocarbon reserves on the basis of three-dimensional geological and hydrodynamic modeling;

design construction of wells for oil and gas;

the execution and delivery of research technology stimulation of hydrocarbons and increase oil recovery and rational use of wells;

providing quality training of condensate oil and gas in field conditions and their transportation;

development of technological regulations for the operation of facilities;

determining the cost of their own needs and technological losses of raw materials and products of its processing;

research on utilization of associated gas and low pressure;

research to improve the efficiency of processes for production and extraction of valuable components for the production of commodity products to oil and gas processing plants at existing facilities;

study and investment in refining and gas chemistry by adapting advanced technology to the conditions and opportunities of the oil and gas industry of the republic;

research on the use of alternative fuels (with the use of methanol, synthetic petroleum, coal gasification, shale oil and gas), renewable energy (solar, biogas);

analytical and physical studies of corrosion protection equipment at drilling sites, mining, oil refining and gas, fisheries, the main oil and gas pipelines;

rational use and development of norms of logistical costs of fuel and energy resources and fuel and lubricants at the production activities of oil and gas industry;

analytical and physical-chemical studies of the component composition of hydrocarbons and its products, qualitative characteristics of the oil, gas and condensate;

Environmental regulation of maximum permissible emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, discharges and waste;

analyzes the main technical, economic and financial performance of the oil and gas industry activity and the development of recommendations for their improvement;

standardization, quality control and technical regulation by developing standards, organizational and methodological documents;

introduction of scientific and technical developments and innovative ideas;

scientific support of the project work.