We offer a number of developments created divisions JSC «O’ZLITINEFTGAZ», if necessary, and you are interested specialists are ready to provide detailed information on interesting developments.

Geophysics and geological modeling of oil and gas fields:

  • Construction of three-dimensional geological and geophysical models on the program documents Schlumberger Petrel.
  • Digitization of logging materials, maps, sections on current policy documents.
  • Complete machining of materials well logging at the IP policy documents, Techlog.
  • Conversion and calculation of hydrocarbon reserves on any deposits with carbonate and sandstone reservoirs.
  • Construction of geological and geophysical profiles, circuit testing and correlation of oil and gas fields of cuts in the policy documents.
  • Methods of predicting brine demonstration zones.
  • Forecast deformation zones in the rock mining.
    A method for increasing the efficiency of hydrocarbon displacement of low-permeability reservoirs in the flood wells.
  • Automation of an estimation of residual oil reserves by Lysenko on the basis of policy documents.
  • The method of isolation of absorbing layers.

Development and exploitation of oil, condensate and gas fields and underground gas storage:

  • A method of oil and gas condensate deposit development (Patents: IAP 03971, the IAP 04241, IAP 04,414).
  • Development and exploitation of oil, condensate and gas fields and underground gas storage.
  • Technology injected water leveling front of oil displacement.
  • Front alignment technology of injection water in the reservoir.
  • Local hydrochemical technology fracturing.
  • The technology gap hydro acidic producing formation with proppant to oil-emulsion mud.
  • The technology of selective isolation of water-bearing intervals in the oil-producing wells.
    The technology overhaul at pre-deepening production well.
  • Stimulation of oil and gas on the basis of processing bottom-hole zones of hydrochloric acid, and a surfactant.
  • A process methanol-acidizing carbonate formations.
  • Micellar solutions based AMGS reagent to improve the performance of wells UGS Northern Sokh.
  • Differentiated by injection wells and gas extraction on underground gas storage in order to increase the maximum-daily selections and stable selection of the active gas volume.

A commercial preparation of oil and gas:

  • gas treatment technology under the joint development of oil and gas condensate deposits in South Kemachi field.
  • Well flow calculation program according to the pressure buffer.
  • Condensate stabilization Kokdumalak deposit.
  • A method for preventing the formation of asphalt-resin-paraffin in the oilwell tubing and oil gathering system.
  • The process of decontamination of pyrophoric deposits in oil reservoirs with high-viscosity oil.
  • Principles of dehydration and desalting of oil on marginal fields.
  • The unified method of operation of oil gathering and treatment system.
  • Corrosion protection of oilfield equipment used in hydrogen sulfide environments.

Gas processing:

  • The reduction of losses of hydrocarbons and to obtain an additional amount of PBF at condensate stabilization of Mubarek Gas Processing Plant changing the typical raw material supply scheme.
  • Development of methods for recovery of flare gas at the Mubarek Gas Processing Plant.
  • Optimization of technological amine gas desulphurization installations and low temperature extraction unit settings at the Mubarek Gas Processing Plant.
  • Improving the efficiency of operation of the sulphur cleaning installation of Mubarek gas processing plant facilities by introducing nozzle PETON (implemented by 18 block further phased implementation is carried out).
  • Development of regulatory and guidance documents in the field of gas processing.

Industrial and Environmental Safety:

  • Develop procedures environmental impact assessment (PEIS, EIS, SEC) to the project documentation.
  • Development of specialized sections on industrial safety, engineering and technical measures for emergency situations and civil protection to the project documentation:
  • – the development of the Declaration of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities (HPF);
  • – Conducting industrial safety expertise of project documentation for construction, expansion, reconstruction, modernization and elimination of hazardous production facilities;
  • – Carrying out the identification of HPF within industrial safety expertise.

Environmental protection:

  • Development of guidelines and environmental standards for projects of maximum permissible emissions (MPE), maximum permissible discharge (MPD) and the maximum permissible waste (MPW) for the enterprises included in the structure of the joint-stock company NHC “Uzbekneftegaz”.
  • Development of measures aimed at reducing emissions, discharges, and waste reduction.
  • Participation in the development of new methods of work in the field of environmental protection, as well as their testing and implementation in the workplace.

Research industry-wide economic problems:

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the use of labor potential.
  • status corporate governance.
  • performance evaluation of the effectiveness of investment, including fixed assets.
  • The impact of the taxation system.